Traditional Atari online games Centipede and Rocket Command moving towards the big screen

If you enjoy timeless computer games, and you like it when computer games are developed into movies, then you remain in luck!

Traditional 1980’s computer games Centipede and Missile Command will be coming to the big screen thanks to a partnership in between Emmett/Furla/Oasis Films and games creator Atari.

Both games come from the golden era of game pc gaming with gamers shooting a range of pests in Centipede, while in Missile Command battlefield 1 aimbot, cities needed to be protected from ballistic missiles.

Deadline reports the film studio is anticipating bringing the profoundly popular titles to life on the cinema.

The choice for Emmett/Furla/Oasis and Atari to funnel their funds into computer-games based film is a curious one thinking about the very hit-or-miss nature of movie adoptions.



Blizzard to Add Facebook Login and Other Functions on Some PC Games

Activision Blizzard Inc. stated Monday it will quickly add Facebook Inc. login and live-streaming features to some of its competitive PC games, the company s most current effort to capitalize on growing traditional interest in so-called e-sports.

The new login combination with Facebook will make it possible for Activision Blizzard clients to inform if their Facebook friends are also users of, the online gaming platform of its Blizzard device, and start games. The included performance is a way for the company to lure more consumers to spend time in its video games, which can lead to enhanced money making.

Previously, users couldn’t inform which of their Facebook buddies may likewise be on the platform.



No Guy's Sky UK release date, rate, pre-order, platforms,

No Guy's Sky UK release date, rate, pre-order, platforms, gameplay features & videos: No Guy's Sky release date has changed once again - however it's great news

No Man's Sky is a highly prepared for upcoming video game for PS4 and PC, initially announced by developer and publisher Hello Games in 2013. We examine to bring you everything you require to understand about the sci-fi video game including release date, cost, pre-order, platforms, trailers and more.

Last upgraded to consist of verification that No Man's Sky will now be released in August 2016 but on the same day as the rest of Europe.

No Man's Sky release date: When is No Man's Sky coming out?

No Man's Sky release date: 10 August 2016 (UK and Europe).

UK-based Hello Games (the studio behind the Joe Danger Series) first revealed No Man's Sky at VGX 2013, releasing a trailer for the online game at the very same time. It was then highlighted by Sony throughout its press occasion at E3 in June 2014, and after that flaunted in depth at E3 2015 earlier this year.